No. Really. What’s Stopping You?

It’s understandable if you haven’t thought about it in a while. Give yourself a break and jot down some ideas.

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Where do you actually want to be in a year?

For some of us, this is quite literally the question on our minds lately. Where do you want to be in a year? It’s safe to say that most of us are engaging at least a question like this as pandemic restrictions loosen, vaccine rates rise, and our world is slowly but surely beginning to look a bit more normal.

Where we want to be in a year could be somewhere halfway around the world like Portugal or Spain, or somewhere halfway to another career like launching our next business or making a living from what’s presently just a side gig.

Where do you actually want to be in a year?

It’s understandable if you haven’t thought about it in a while. And it’s understandable if it still doesn’t feel safe enough outside to do so.

Give yourself a break and jot down some ideas anyway.


I’ll pause the article and wait.

Write it out (or type it out) somewhere — where do you want to be in a year?

What are you doing?

How do you feel?

What parts of your current life are you ready to just shake off? How does the future look differently than the present?

Meet me below when you reach a stopping point.

Okay so here’s the first band-aid we’ve got to rip off: where are you actually going to be in a year?

Ah, yeah. Reality. Money. Risk. Obligations.

Your own inertia.

Whatever resistance pops into your mind when you think about the future you want — whether it’s real-live social or economic constraints or just excuses you’re realistically inclined to accept — those are the obstacles that stand between you and where you really want to be.

Take a good look at them. Sometimes it even helps to name them and write them down somewhere too. Those are the giants you haven’t yet defeated. Those are the giants your future success challenges you to slay.

If you want to be somewhere different one year from now — if you really, truly, actually want to be somewhere else — those are the obstacles you’re going to have get over one way or another.

Here’s the second band-aid we have to rip off: not every obstacle can be overcome.

If you’re the kind of realist who is frequently mistaken for a pessimist, you’ve probably been internally shouting this since this article even showed up on your feed. And you’re right! Not every obstacle can be overcome. We can’t wish away physical disabilities (or pandemics for that matter) with positive thoughts and feelings.

Most of us can’t just drop the kind of money really demanded for a brick and mortar start-up these days. We don’t always get our dream jobs or our dream marriages or lives that ever really feel like our best lives.

It’s easy to let all of that reality in until we feel utterly powerless. I mean, why even try anything? Why bother changing anything at all?

And this is where our realists prove they’re really realists and not just the pessimists for which they’re often mistaken: some obstacles can be overcome.

We aren’t completely powerless. We aren’t without at least the occasional choice or inspiration and confidence.

If we’re old enough to be clicking on coaching articles, chances are we have a handful of successes under our belts (and probably a dozen or more failures that taught us something too).

We’ve gotten over our fear of the dark. We’ve gotten over that really shitty ex. We’ve stopped drinking everyday. We’ve found the courage to walk out of that terrible job.

We’ve overcome our own inertia and the countless other giants on the horizon many times throughout our lives.

This time might not be any different.

This time could be the next journey we recall when we think about our successes. This could be the defining success of our lifetime.

So where do you actually want to be in a year? What needs to change in order for you to make it there?

Name it.

Plan for it.

Strategize your way through it. Repeat as many times until you beat it.

Hold your future in your mind until it’s so real that you’ve achieved it.

No. Really. What’s stopping you?

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