Oh to be young enough to believe that utopia is just a few good conversations away, a matter of education and a simplistic power shift between good and evil.

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Five or so years ago, there was a report in a local newspaper exposing a meeting of activists in the area concerned about Muslim immigration to the United States.

While I think most objective minds would understand fear more than hatred as the motivation behind those at the meeting, their rhetoric at times crossed into violent threats.

Mentioned specifically were both mosques nearby.

The community response was tremendous and without delay…

American society has been in the midst of a culture war over manhood going back at least as long as I’ve been alive. But I’m choosing not to fight in it. I’m choosing a different kind of man to become.

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Men are an easy target in the culture war.

Part of the problem by my reckoning is that we lack a coherent social comprehension of what it means to be a man. With the notable exception of Star Trek’s Captain Picard, I grew up on TV that portrayed men as lazy buffoons, emotionally volatile commandos, or sex addicted man-children. …

Everything I ran from in the church, I found in liberal activism. The culture wars of the right and left are functionally the very same — neither are what this country needs.

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I probably would have stayed in the conservative working class bubble I grew up in if not for the intensely obsessive hatred fundamentalist Christianity found for homosexuality.

That’s an uncomfortable truth in the way American politics have shifted in the twenty-some years since then. Are you saying you’re a fascist? A white supremacist?

If there’s anything we can all stand to learn from ex-addicts, it’s that we have the power to shape tomorrow regardless of our past. So leave the burdens you carry behind. Remember the power you have today.

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I used to know this guy who started smoking weed and experimenting with other drugs in high school. By the time he turned 21, he’d given up drinking, but the rest was more of a challenge. By 23, he considered himself an addict — unable to stop smoking everyday throughout the day.

He spent all of his money on getting high. He stole…

Potential employers and other strangers have been lying to you. Dignity, a free mind, and the privilege to support yourself are your birthright.

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My first job interview was when I was about sixteen years old. One of my friends set up the meeting between me and her boss at a local organic grocery store where many of our friends worked.

Already my passions for herbal medicines and plant-based diets were evident, and I hoped working at the store would give me some sales and customer service experience in this field where I hoped to eventually plant myself. …

Sooner or later, you’ll figure out the truth that it’s not all just a matter of mindset and motivation.

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Given the preponderance of articles assuring would-be writers that they can publish everyday and never experience writer’s block again, one might mistakenly come away with the impression that it would be a personal failing on their part if they couldn’t immediately live up to the expectations set by these pieces.

Welcome to the world of airheaded coaching advice — that is, life advice from people without a lot of experience beyond their warped, apparently struggle-less journey from their own navel to…

It’s understandable if you haven’t thought about it in a while. Give yourself a break and jot down some ideas.

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Where do you actually want to be in a year?

For some of us, this is quite literally the question on our minds lately. Where do you want to be in a year? It’s safe to say that most of us are engaging at least a question like this as pandemic restrictions loosen, vaccine rates rise, and our world is slowly but surely beginning to look a bit more normal.

Where we want to be in a year could be…

I’ve succeeded in growing about 80% of my own food almost year-round, and have observably transformed a space from a sterile lawn to a home for chipmunks, birds, bumblebees, and worms alike.

Jozua’s backyard, circa 2019

The first time I heard about permaculture was when I was a teenager. The local alternative bookstore carried Heather Jo Flores’ DIY urban gardening book Food Not Lawns, and I was instantly hooked. My library of seeds and books alike took off from there.

“Permaculture” became the early internet buzzword that connected everyone in this field. Although, truthfully, it was a word that seemed to have no real…

Doubt, dismissal — those things spark anxiety — we begin disbelieving ourselves or worrying about the consequences of honesty rather than believing our own experiences.

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At the start of last year, I was leading a group coaching class called Somatic Mindfulness. My pitch was to present an alternative approach to living with chronic illness — one where we listen to the feedback our bodies give us and where we practice taking a more active role in reaching the kind of body-life balance we want.

We talked a lot about anxiety. Like many of the participants in my class, my own…

There’s this tragic idea so many of us become burdened by where we conceptualize our “heart” as a destination — a career, influence, wealth, or some other measurement of success that justifies following it in the first place.

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Some days I think our culture’s obsession with following your heart is utterly destroying us. I’m not opposed to doing something you love. And I’m definitely not opposed to realizing yourself as The Lover who is going to fall in love with many different things over the course of your life.

My objection is to the way we frame what it means…

Jozua Mosley

nature boy // occasional wild man // photographer // compulsive writer // cat dad // sign-up for my journal WILD//LIFE at jozua.substack.com

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